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Concert van Jah Wutafii op zaterdag 20 december 2014

concert-affiche jah wutafii 20-12-2014 concert-affiche jah wutafii 22-12-2014

Jah Wutafii & the Okodeja Band. Bringing back to life the authentic Hi-life sound of Ghana ! Facebook Jah Wutafii

Genre: High Life - World - Groovy - Jazzy

Ghana born, multi-instrumentalist Jah Wutafii started his musical journey in 1979 as a keyboarder in the ghanaian army. Very soon drums, bass and guitar were added to his skills. This led to the formation of his own band "The Mpese Mpese International band of Ghana" in which Wuta stepped up as singer/guitarist. Researching the typical, traditional ghanaian rhythms and influenced by reggae, soul and funk, resulted in his own original Hi-Life sound. Soon the band played all over the West-African region and got known for their impressive live performance, with Wuta as a charismatic frontman, who didn't leave anybody unaffected. Five studio-albums and many concerts later Wuta felt the time was right to make a move to Europe. Early nineties he ended up in Belgium and soon alligned himself with Hara Productions, a booking agency for worldmusic-artists. This allowed him to introduce his inciting, Hi-Life rhytms to Belgium. This was in the '90's ! Today, Wuta is back. Together with "The Okodeja band", a group of amazing musicians from Brussels, the story continues. An all African formation with musicians from Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso, bringing back to life the authentic Hi-Life sound.

  • Line-up :
  • Jah Wutafii - vocals, guitar
  • Désiré Some - guitar
  • Jean Gnonlonfoun - bass
  • Koffi Sadjo - keyboards
  • Octave Agbekpenou - drums

Facebook Jah Wutafii

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